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Criminal Law

1. What are the differences between Summary Offences and Indictable Offences?

In general terms Summary Offences are considered less serious and can be dealt with in the Local Court before a Magistrate.

Indictable Offences are generally more serious offences. Under the Criminal Procedure Amendment (Indictable Offences) Act 1995, Indictable Offences fall into three groups: those which are considered more serious crimes and can only be dealt with before a Judge and jury in the District or Supreme Court; those which cannot be tried summarily; those which can be dealt with summarily in the Local Court for which the maximum term of imprisonment is two years. The Crimes Legislation Further Amendment Act 2003 allows magistrates to accumulate sentences up to five years.

The Prosecution have a discretion about which matters should proceed so it is important to get the correct legal advice to ensure your case is dealt with appropriately.

With years of experience and constantly updating our skills we are able to work out the best strategy to mount a good Defence. Most defendants do not have a complete comprehension of the law and rules of procedure and evidence. We will give you quality legal services and help you in your application for Legal Aid.

Areas of Criminal Law

1. Personal offences: assault, rape, sexual abuses and public mischief;

2. Property offences: criminal damages, theft, robbery, fraud and burglary;

3. Drug offences: possess drug, manufacture/produce prohibited drugs etc.

Respect of the clients

honesty and competence.

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