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Domestic Violence & AVOs


Examples of Protection Orders which can help protect you and your children:

Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO)

Restraining Orders

Non-Molestation Orders

Restraint From Entering Premises Orders

Vacate Premises Orders

Domestic Violence Orders

Family Court Proceedings can be very stressful and a number of orders can be made to protect you. We can help you apply for a Domestic Violence Order for your safety. Dependent on the situation you may find an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) necessary to protect you.

Non-molestation orders are available to stop your former partner from harassing you or contacting you and your children.

As each situation is individual we can advise you how best to proceed for your safety and that of your children.

1. Are personal safety issues taken into account in Court proceedings?

The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court Rules require the parties proceedings to attend Court.

The Court is very conscious of and sensitive to parties who are concerned about personal safety issues that may arise from the conflict and domestic situations before the Court. In these cases, parties are able to notify the Court about any issues concerning personal safety and appropriate security will be provided to ensure the safety of all.

The Court may in more serious circumstances regarding personal safety allow the party at risk to participate by telephone and or by video linkup (AVL). Specifically, the concerned party can appear by AVL; and therefore in a separate Court room or be in a separate building in order to avoid face to face contact.

Every case is different so we can talk to you to work out how to help you and what the Court requires.

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