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When you are charged with a traffic offence it may be your first appearance in Court. It can be threatening and unfamiliar.

With over 35 years of experience in assisting clients with their various traffic matters in NSW we can help you in preparing your case and appearing in Court for you. First we discuss your case in a conference, getting a statement from you on matters which may affect your charge such as your need for a licence. Other issues we can discuss include character references and the effect that losing your licence as well as a criminal conviction will have on your life. We can discuss all the options available to you in relation to your traffic matter.

The Road Transport (Safety & Traffic Management) Act 1999 defines the offences which may apply relating to Drink Driving, Driving under the influence of a drug or alcohol, Speeding and other dangerous driving charges and the penalties, disqualification periods which may be incurred.

We are here to advise you about the penalties which may apply to your charge and detail the best strategy for dealing with your matter in Court.


The offence of Drink Driving is defined under the Road Transport (Safety & Traffic Management) Act 1999 (“The Act”). The Act specifies the penalties, disqualification of licence or imprisonment which may be incurred according to the different categories of PCA (Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol) range recorded by the Police.

It is an offence for individuals with a prescribed concentration of alcohol to drive; attempt to drive or occupy the seat next to the holder of a learner licence who is driving a vehicle.

There are four major categories of PCA offences:

1. Special range PCA;

2. Low range PCA;

3. Mid range PCA; and

4. High range PCA.

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